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Up For Auction: Nike Air Yeezys – Autographed by Kanye West

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The marathon launch of Nike Air Yeezys in the middle of 2009 was probably the best thing ever happened to sneakerheads around the globe.  For the lucky ones who got a pair, at least.  For those who are not so lucky, well, there’s still another chance to land an original Nike Air Yeezys without questioning whether it’s a bootleg version or original, because our friends over at Karmaloop is holding an auction and the item up for bidding is a pair of original Net/Net Nike Air Yeezys with Kanye West’s autograph on each shoe. That’s ONE pair only and autographed by the man who designed the shoes himself!  How rare can that be?  Don’t believe us?  Check out the goodies.

Air Yeezys 01

Love ’em?  We do too, because 100% proceeds from this auction will benefit the Kanye West Foundation which partners with schools and community organizations to provide undeserved youth access to music production and academic support programs that will enable them to unleash their creative ability and reach their full potential. Sounds like a good cause? It is a great cause.

To participate, look great AND get the shoes of your dreams, you gotta bid fast because right now the bid is at $1620 and you only have 3 days to bid. What are you waiting for? Go over to Karmaloop and get the autographed Nike Air Yeezys today!

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Comments to “Up For Auction: Nike Air Yeezys – Autographed by Kanye West”

  1. Darnel says:

    i want air yeezys

  2. blivion says:

    Im gettin them next

  3. Jasmine says:

    omg im bidding for 300

  4. joseph says:

    where can i can buy this yezzys?

  5. marty s says:

    are these shoes legit??

    I’m thinking about trading my new Jordan 60+’s for the Grey/Orange shoe’s in the picture.

    Are these legit?? PLEASE HELP!

  6. marty s says:

    sorry, I meant to add that site in my last comment!

  7. james says:, New release, Official organization, Non profit sales

  8. James says:, A Premier Source for Nike Air Yeezy Shoe Collection News. Photos and release date information for Nike Air Yeezys; A Kanye West Nike Shoe Collection.Non Profits sale

  9. Emmow says:

    Fuck air yeezys….I can buy a billi

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