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UNDFTD opened shop in 2002 in Los Angeles and in the decade that it has been around, the brand has established itself as a major power to reckon with as far as sneaker culture is concerned. The two driving forces behind the success of UNDFTD are its co-founders Eddie Cruz and James Bond.

UNDFTD stands apart from other boutique stores because of the respect it has garnered in the sneaker community not only for the sneakers it stocks but also for its wildly popular collaborations with sneaker brands.

Sports Culture

Essentially, UNDFTD is a brand based on sports culture and caters to those that subscribe to such a lifestyle. And yet, the street or urban angle is unmistakable. In fact, it is central to their business ideology considering the fact that Eddie Cruz grew up absorbing the New York street culture of the 80s and 90s. He also confesses to military inspiration for the designs that UNDFTD come up with. James Bond juggles many responsibilities but is chiefly the creative director.

Products and Collaborative Sneakers

The self-branded UNDFTD apparel too enjoys respect all over the world. The company has a diverse portfolio that includes accessories, tees, tops, outerwear, bottoms, headwear, and of course sneakers. Their collaborations with sneaker giants are eagerly awaited. These collaborative limited-edition kicks continue to create waves long after the last pair has been sold out; a case in point being the UNDFTD x Air Jordan IV sneakers in 2005 that sold for $4k a pair when released. In fact, UNDFTD wrote the manual on creating successful limited collaborative sneakers.

UNDFTD has evolved from stocking the best sneakers from brands like Nike, Vans, Converse, Puma and adidas. Today, an UNDFTD product is a lifestyle statement sold not just at their own stores but by leading stores all over the world. Today, the brand operates from six locations worldwide of which two are in Japan.