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Brief History

Trukfit is a clothing line launched by rapper Lil Wayne in 2012. Trukfit is an acronym for The Reason You Kill for It, a representation of what”™s cool and what rules. The idea traces its origins from events in the rapper”™s life as a kid back in his hometown of New Orleans.

There was a truck that came to the neighborhood bringing clothing for less-fortunate people, from which Lil Wayne would get some items. If you were known to be wearing clothes from that truck, you were known to be wearing truckfit””outfit from the truck.


Lil Wayne Launches  "TRUKFIT" at Macy'sThe clothing line is deeply rooted in skater culture and no haute couture. Lil Wayne””an avid skater himself””showcases his signature street-style wear in a collection ranging from tees with rapper avatar prints, caps, jackets, hoodies, sweat shorts, crew sweatshirts, fleece tops and bottoms, coloured print denims, and from the artist who claims to have coined the term “bling bling,” some accessories.

Brand executive Mike Morris said Lil Wayne “wanted to have a line that everyone could afford. He didn’t want to out-price the product.”

It”™s everything you would consider as a skater”™s wardrobe staple, and everything you would expect Lil Wayne would wear. If you dig the man, you dig the style. Trukfit isn”™t about stiff-collared coats or crease-free expensive suits; it”™s a reflection of the rapper”™s freestyle rapping””simple, comfortable, but possessing a certain kick to be more than cool.

In fact, Lil Wayne says his brand is beyond “˜cool.”™ Anyone who’s rooted in the skater culture would agree. With Trukfit riding high on the market, we can expect it to be an ever-growing collection.