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Timberland, LLC does what it does best: Craft outdoor wear that honors ingenuity, expresses creativity, and provides function. A U.S.-based manufacturer of outdoor apparel, Timberland is globally known for its durable boots and shoes specifically designed for hiking, mountaineering, and casual wear.

Originally known as The Abington Shoe Company, Timberland was founded by an apprentice stitcher named Nathan Swartz on 1918. In 1965, the Swartz family introduced the injection-molding technique, an innovative technology that “fused soles to leather uppers without stitching” and produce guaranteed waterproof boots and shoes. The result of this revolutionary technique became popular that the Swartz family changed the company name to The Timberland Company in 1973.

In order to achieve the mission to “equip people to make a difference in their world,” Timberland creates outstanding products with a commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and passion for life and adventure.


Timberland has mastered the art of making quality boots and shoes. Keeping its consumers going, the company has also ventured into selling outdoor gears, such as clothes, watches, glasses, and leather goods, to provide seamless outdoor experience. From boots to bomber jackets, Timberland offers a mixture of styles all designed with versatility, durability, and quality in mind.

Footwear for Hardworking Men and Women

The rich heritage of the New England from 1900-1945 has inspired the Timberland Boot Company Collection. This particular line pays tribute to the era of hardworking men and women, their history and “the footwear that served their purposes.” The boots and shoes under this collection are built to endure, crafted for versatility, and inspired by an era of progress and innovation.

The Men”™s Collection consists of rugged, dependable footwear that reflects the “rich tradition of New England craftsmanship.” Designed using premium materials, this line is built with purpose and tailored to meet the needs of hardworking men.

The Women”™s Collection, on the other hand, “reflects the ingenuity of post-industrial” women. Inspired by the ambitious, the expressive, and the practical, this collection is where functionality meets style. It boasts beautiful purposeful styles without losing feminine touches and signature details. It is designed with interchangeable ribbons and straps to inspire creativity in personal style and individuality in its most elegant form.