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Throw A Yeezys Party, Kanye!

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It’s just a matter of days before the last colorway of the Nike Air Yeezys is released, and tensions are building up among Nike Air Yeezys fans.  They simply can’t wait for the Net/Net colorway to drop on June 6th, 2009 and I imagine the lineup will be as huge -maybe even bigger than the previous ones.

But there is actually one thing that the avid fans are waiting for aside from the fly kicks.  Check out their petition for their right to party.  Kanye West, this one’s for you.

The Nike Air Yeezys caused so much drama for the past year, even before they were released, as fans everywhere gathered to petition Kanye West and Nike to speed up the release the Air Yeezys.  And now the fans are at it again, and I think -as a fan of the kicks myself- Kanye should listen.  I mean, he’s been getting tremendous support from sneakerheads across the country, nay, across the globe since the first colorway of Air Yeezys dropped back in April.  The support has been consistent and I believe a party is in order to at least acknowledge the fans who have been lining up and camping out to get their own pairs of Air Yeezys.

What do you think, Air Yeezys fans?

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Comments to “Throw A Yeezys Party, Kanye!”

  1. James says:

    yah kanye need to listen to the ppl that cant take the time to cop some

  2. Paul says:

    What a holly, they got the new style seven color air yeezy now!

    Looks say word nike in the bottom,but still not glow in the dark.

  3. kickseden says:

    HotPink&Black AIR YEEZYS $129 Now Buy From

  4. Teez says:

    Apparently there's gonna be Air Yeezy two and these will be in mass production so not exclusive and everyone can get em

  5. Air Yeezy Pitch Black is another sharp Air Yeezy shoe I found, I have bought a pair of it in (… ), nice…
    Air Yeezy

  6. Pressinvite says:

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