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Swatch New Gent Lacquered GIVEAWAY on SoJones!

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We know you all love sneakers and because of that you keep coming back to us. But how about mixing things up ““ sneakers plus watches, this is a complete great match up, and since we are everything about the shoes, we are giving you a chance to pay more attention to the watch. Just to keep the combination rolling, SoJones together with Swiss-made timepiece, Swatch are having an exclusive promotion that entitles everyone to be among the lucky participants of the ad.

Swatch just launched its latest collection called the New Gent Lacquered consists of ten variation of colors that include pink, purple, indigo, blue-grey, orange, green, yellow, black and white. The complex interior mechanism comes visible in all ten vivid colors. So if you want a hue to jive your everyday mood, switch to this new Swatch New Gent Lacquered that”™s now available on the brand”™s official website for $75 each. However, you can avail one for free by just simply joining the SoJones giveaway promo.

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