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Polo Ralph Lauren



Ralph Lauren Corporation or RL is an American clothing retailer founded by designer Ralph Lauren. The company is targeted at the upscale market, selling designer clothes, shoes, and fragrances.

Ralph Lauren also sells houseware and home essentials, but it is primarily known as a fashion brand with Polo Ralph Lauren as its flagship label. Recognized to be among the top luxury brands in the world, Ralph Lauren Corporation is headquartered in New York City.

High-End Clothes, Shoes, and Fragrances

Designer Ralph Lauren took an interest in menswear and started his fashion empire with a collection of men”™s ties ““ labelled Polo Ralph Lauren ““ in 1967, which he funded from a loan. The line was a success, and by 1969, he already had his first boutique in Bloomingdale”™s in NYC.

Over time, Ralph Lauren started to foray into women”™s fashion, creating a line of suits where the iconic Polo Ralph Lauren logo was seen for the first time. Subsequently, the company launched its first complete womenswear collection and opened its first standalone store in posh Beverly Hills.

Ralph Lauren then swept the fashion capitals of Milan and London in Europe and eventually grew into a global brand with over thirty boutiques across the world. The company was originally named Polo Ralph Lauren, but Polo was dropped from the name because the brand isn”™t limited to the Polo line although it remains the flagship label.

Today, Ralph Lauren is a fashion empire composed of several labels and collections, which include children”™s clothing and footwear.