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Plunder Media News: 01-05-09

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It’s Monday in the first week of a new year; we take it that you’re all back to work (possibly school) and are back consistently enjoying our news and stuff. So here’s what’s new.

Gizmo Groove: As if you people couldn’t stay away from Twitter long enough, now the Twitter Washing Machine lets you know your laundry is done. And, the Mac Mini now supports dual display.

Plunder Guide: Dominique Pestana is Argentinean, that’s enough to say she’s hot. Puerto Rico won’t be shown up, so they offer Noelia Monge as a rebuttal.

Plunder Girls: British glamour models give us warm feelings inside, Louise Glover is no exception.

Kicksaholic: Reebok Omni Lite Chinese New Year, let the festivities begin! Bape has gone overboard with urban fashion with some Bape Big Sta Boots.

Hipster Chic: Colorblock Roller Skates bring a spectrum to girls’ feet.

Sole Redemption: New 2009 Colors of the Nike Air Classic BW are sure to please.

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