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Famous American rapper, Snoop Dogg was recently announced as a certified Serious Pimp president and King of the West Coast movement. In an interview with Serious Pimp, SoJones learned about the brand and its latest what-about.

Seriously, what is Serious Pimp all about? For all of you who are new at hearing the name Serious Pimp, here is a succinct discussion. Serious Pimp, a label known for its iconic sunglasses evolved from the depths of Orange County, California, and has manifested the world”™s top talent in fighting, skating, surfing, motor free-styling, BMX, and snowboarding.

Being more focused on MMA, Serious Pimp has been sponsoring great names like Tito Ortiz, Rampage Jackson, and others with influence drawn from the Gracie family. With the growing and going famous world of MMA, fans are more likely attracted to the Serious Pimp pieces that they see on their favorite fighters, and this led to an expansion in its horizon. Being that said, the brand has now entered the hip-hop world and picked up on Snoop Dogg to be its number one endorser. Now, not just an endorser, but the great hip-hop artist is now representing the brand.

As part of sharing the world what Serious Pimp and Snoop Dogg have recently achieved, SoJones tied-up for an online promo contest that will give away a $100 worth of precious package from Serious Pimp that consists of glasses, shoe laces, and t-shirt. Head to SoJones now to join this exciting giveaway promo!

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