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When rap star collides with the hottest and most advanced watch of today it creates a truly amusing primetime moment. This happened when rapper MANN makes time with Phosphor watches in a huge new video of his song, “The Mack”. The video features the Phosphor watch which has a very unique assembly which makes MANN a real distinctive identity. “This watch makes me feel like money!!! I swag it out from LA to the UK and as soon as they see the digital crystals they know I”™m on.”

Specifically, the MANN swags the Buzzin watch which sports a crystal face and outer rim with the time completely hidden behind crystals until a button is pushed to reveal the colored, time-displaying crystals. With all the glam that Phosphor watch brings, the wearer is perfectly accessorized with ice ““ super cool and refreshing.

Not only men are entitled for this jewelry watch but even women wherein celebs like Kim Zolciak and Faith Evans were seen showcasing their fabulous timepieces from Phosphor. The Appear watch is designed with Swarovski crystals covering the entire face and top ring of the watch, and it is available in red, white, pink, and black patent leather bracelet.

For an even greater deal, Phosphor gives away one Buzzin watch for men, which means only one male participant will be held as the winner of this cool item. Just follow the instructions indicated on and you are one step away from this stunning prize item.

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