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Less than a month ago, the creators of the brand One90One shared us their story and how did they come up with this line and how the name was derived. It was when two best of friends went to Vegas to find their luck and all they have found out is $191 in their pocket, not even enough to lay for their fortune. But instead of having a mindset about gambling, they figured out how to start a new business that”™s more profitable than being in the casino. It is how and where the name One90One evolved.

Today, friends Parth and Girish are now into their passion for fashion.One90One is an established line of men”™s clothing that promotes a concept about something wearable as opposed to the weird designs that are very common with many urban street wear today. The decent yet not so casual theme is something that makes every piece unique. Being focused more on apparel for men, the brand also gives a bit of a female thing with their limited women”™s line.

Now, the genius behind the One90One brand feel satisfied especially when seeing their creations being patronized by known celebrities and even athletes. Would you want to get a piece of what they call fashion? Check out SoJones and join the ongoing contest for a chance to win shirts from One90One”™s Spring collection.

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