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Nike Air Yeezys Net/Net's First Appearance, Remember?

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We’ve been talking so much about the upcoming Net/Net colorway of the Nike Air Yeezys that we actually forgot -if not ignored the fact that the shoes had made their first public appearance last year.  Well, I’m feeling a little nostalgic today, so here are a short glimpse of the Net/Net Nike Air Yeezys way back before the first colorway was even released!

It’s Kanye West on location for DJ Khaled”™s “Go Hard” featuring Kanye himself, and T-Pain.  Those Nike Air Yeezys were seen from afar, and by then there weren’t much reference to the original Net/Net colorway.  And that might be why there are some really awful-looking fake Yeezys out there.  One pair tried to imitate the Net/Net Nike Air Yeezys, but as we all know… failed miserably.


I honestly think ANY fakes will ever live up to the real Nike Air Yeezys.  Some of you might still recover from the sheer ugliness, so I’m going to comfort you.  No worries, Yeezys fans… the real Net/Net colorway of Nike Air Yeezys still look as gorgeous as this:


Man I love to stir the mid-week! LOL

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Comments to “Nike Air Yeezys Net/Net's First Appearance, Remember?”

  1. MI$TA GREEN says:

    MAN I WANT DESE SHOES SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT THEY IS NOWHERE NEAR SAVANNAH, GA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. brianna says:

    they are so ever cool haha

  3. Ken says:

    Air Yeezy Pitch Black is another sharp Air Yeezy shoe I found, I have bought a pair of it in ( ), nice…
    Air Yeezy

  4. Involvehuman says:

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