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Nike Air Max Elite Sneakers

From the Team Elite series for the 2006-07 season comes the Nike Air Max Elite that was designed with a full length Max Air platform making it an excellent basketball footwear. The Air Max Elite has more exceptional features that are not present in some other basketball shoes. For best fit, comfort, and cushioning, this shoe is equipped with seamless technology.

The Nike Air Max Elite was built on the base of the 2K4 with no irritation, just comfortable feeling for a superb performance. As far as cushioning is involved, the Air Max Elite is an outstanding choice since this is the first basketball shoe with full length Max Air sole. This means that when there is a seam in the Max sole, the cushioning is much harder and less responsive. With the new Air sole integrated in this Air Max Elite which is softer provides more cushioning for hard landings and pounding.

When it comes to ankle support, the Air Max Elite has a bit of flaw. This is due to the fact that the laces do not go up to the top of the shoe under the Velcro strap, thus the ankle support is not as good as other full length Max shoes.

With regards to the Nike Air Max Elite’s personal appearance, a futuristic picture evolves especially with the heel and padded quarter panel. The clean toe area is obviously a product of hidden laces. It sports an average-sized Swoosh near the heel, and a ribbed tongue.

Today, this remarkable basketball sneaker is no longer active during the games due to the releases of more player exclusives and team-inspired shoes but it is worth to keep it as a collectible item.

Nike Air Max Elite - Black

Nike Air Max Elite II