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Nike Air Force III Sneakers

Nike’s creation on Air Forces only gets better with time. In 1988, Nike released Air Force 3, which is the most famous amongst all of its predecessor of Air Forces. The original logo of half-basketball was re-introduced in this version of Air Force, it’s place on the tongue of the shoe. This logo will always be used in the next version of Air Forces all the way to the latest production in 2009.

Air Force 3 is more of a robot-like shoes, like this one. It looks weird at first, but the more we see it, it’s actually pretty cool. The carbon-fiber and leather materials makes this shoe a lot lighter than it looks.

Air Force 3 High Premiun - Black/White-Ink-Team-Red

This one was inspired by NBA team Denver Nuggets jersey’s retro color in 1982-1993. It look very vibrant with its richness in color. This reminds me of their great game when Allen Iverson was still around.

Air Force Hi 3 'Denver Nuggets'

With demands sky-rocketed in the 90s, Nike Air Force 3 was re-released in 2006, but this time with limited colors for high-top and low-top versions.