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Air Force II Sneakers

Anything that comes second doesn’t necessarily be any less good than the first, at least that’s not the case with Nike Air Force 2. In 1987, Nike Air Force 2 was successfully launched five years after its predecessor, Nike Air Force 1. It is a perfect addition to the family of Air Forces. Due to its major success, Air Force 2 was re-released in early 2000 with more colors and style to choose.

While Nike Air Force 2 black or white color based are usually the most popular ones, these eye-catching Air Force 2 high black/white-pro gold/gum yellow, made of deluxe and luxurious leather and suede, was launched sometimes in March 2009 with a retail price of $82.

Air Force 2 Black/White - Pro Gold/Gum Yellow

And my favorite amongst all is Air Force 2 High “wii”. This one has white based, all-white color, and since this is made for players and gamers, it’s equipped with an on/off button logo at the tongue to represent the on/off button on Nintendo wii. This also came out in March 2009.

Air Force 2 High "wii"