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Nike Air Force One – The Flight Sneakers

The Air Force One shoes have undergone several refreshed editions throughout the year since 1982-2009. Bruce Kilgore, the designer of Air Force Ones would have never imagined that his creations will be worn by basketball players and will have multiple refreshed editions, garnered 800 million USD per year in revenue, and to add extra cream on top, hip-hop sensation, Nelly, created the song “Air Force Ones” as a token of his love of this legendary product.

In 1993, Nike made several changes in the shoe’s unique characteristic, the removable medallion that is placed at the bottom of the laces of its Air Force 1 Low. They transformed it from silver-colored material to plastic and the shape has shifted from circular to a simpler rectangular shape. Furthermore, the newer editions of Air Force Ones are even customizable with cushioning and design to fit your needs and personal taste.

Although Air Force One first generation was discontinued in production in 1983; in 1986 Nike relaunched the newer, fresher design of Air Force One. In 1987, Air Force started to launch newer generation with Air Force 2 in 1987, Air Force 3 in 1988, Air Force 4 in 1989 and Air Force 5 in 1990, Air Force XXV in 2007 and the last one is Air Force 09 in 2009, each with its own unique design, patterns and textures.

Air Force Ones are available in shoe retailers that carries Nike apparels.

Air Force I Air Force II Air Force III Air ForceIV
Air Force I Air Force II Air Force III Air Force IV
Air Force V Air Force XXV Air Force 09
Air Force V Air Force XXV Air Force 09