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Brief History

Lifted Research Group is a popular label in urban fashion you can find on celebrities on the red carpet or out and about. LRG Clothing was founded in 1999 by Jonas Bevacqua and MC Robert Wright in Orange County, California. At the time, they were collaborating to produce hip-hop music, but jumpstarted by a modest capital, they ended up selling hip-hop staples such as hoodies, shirts, and pants at a booth. The items were sold by noon on the first day.

Swag for Less

The hip and the trendy know it. LRG builds swag.  The company offers this interesting swag-for-less concept: Look like a hip-hop artist without maxing out your bank account trying to be cool. The brand struggled to create an impact during its first few years, but it has managed to snag a share of the urban fashion market. Fired up by pure street appeal and a wide colorful collection, the brand remains among the top names in the game.


LRG offers everything you need to build a wardrobe with urban flair: Tees with, track jackets, polo shirts, hoodies, jeans, belts,  and accessories like caps, watches, and beanies. With their menswear line’s success, the company has since forayed into women’s fashion, and once again scored hits. With a flamboyant design team, LRG is able to keep up with the trends in the urban market, offering eclectic color choices and cool designs for both men and women.