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iPad In Music Recording GIVEAWAY on SoJones!

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Creating your own recording studio would cost too much, plus the instruments required cannot be obtained with minimal budget. The evolution of iPad elevates the potential of generating your music wherever you are, in a handy pack. Aside from allowing you to surf the web, check email, watch movies, and read your favorite e-books, the iPad now features HD video recording, so whatever you shoot is a mini-masterpiece. With the aide of other plug-in devices, you can now produce professional recordings, anytime, anywhere.

Here are three examples of plug-in devices that can be used with the iPad to create a studio-quality recording:

1. Samson Meteor Mic. This plug-n-play USB studio microphone features one of the largest condenser diaphragms (25mm) of any USB mic available to produce rich, CD quality recordings. The Fold-back leg design allows an optimal positioning for any recording application, and the stereo 1/8-inch headphone output, no latency monitoring, and headphone volume knob give user complete control.
2. V-MODA Vibrato. This visually stunning in-ear headphones feature Zinc Alloy construction and hybrid silicone ear tips for superior comfort and brilliant sound. It is crafted with a Kevlar reinforced cable and 24K gold-plated jack for ultimate durability with an edgy angular design. The pack includes 3.5 mm microphone, 3-button remote, sport ear hooks, leather protective pouch and two year warranty.
3. Griffin DJ Cable. This innovative cable enhances algoriddim”™s djay app to simultaneously cue upcoming songs through headphones independently of the live mix that is sent through the speakers. Combined with the djay app, DJ Cable transforms compatible iOS devices into a full-fledged DJ system, enabling users to mix songs directly from their iTunes library on a hyper-realistic duel-turntable interface.

So if you are ready to experience high-quality recordings without investing on too much, these devices will help you achieve your future music career, with an iPad. Wondering how to own one for free? ““ Once again, SoJones is giving away all three items to three (3) winners. Go to SoJones and see how you can win one!.

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