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No doubt almost everyone has a mobile phone, some are high-ends and some are just low-profiled units. But no matter how expensive or cheap your phone is, you be sure to take care of it. Placing a case is one way to protect a mobile phone, and this accessory comes in a variety of forms. However, it’s important to look for a phone case that will last long, unless you prefer the purely decorative. Well, check out id America, a New York-based label that creates uniquely designed cases exclusively for your iPhone 4.

The id America concept is drawn from a variety of inspirations. There is the Gasket iPhone 4 case that is molded after a car gasket, and it’s made with real brushed aluminum sporting suede interior lining for ultimate support. A flexible case is not even impossible with the Skyline iPhone 4 case that”™s made with Rigid-flex technology offering a lightweight piece in vibrant colors. The company also offers a case that is made of strengthened polycarbonate in two-part design, the Ice Crystal Clear case/Dryice Soft Grip case. And if you are fond of multi-colored cases, id America has a line which pays attention to details and makes use of high-quality materials that”™s functional and practical.

Truly, the wide plethora of id America iPhone 4 cases is something that deserves investment. But you don’t need an investment when you can have your own unique case from id America by participating in SoJones”™ giveaway promo. To see details, check out SoJones today.

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