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Ice Cream is a premium streetwear brand that came about as a collaborative effort between two creative icons. Grammy Award-winning music producer Pharrell Williams and Nigo, the inspiration behind the sneaker brand A Bathing Ape.

Both these icons have their fingers on the pulse of high fashion and the ebbs and flows of urban fashion. Nigo”™s creative sensibilities are visible not only with Ice Cream but with the other successful venture of the two partners ““ Billionaire Boys Club.

Vintage-Status Sneakers

The brand was launched in 2005 and saw early success with Ice Cream sneakers. And no, these weren”™t just for the summer season. These all-season sneakers made an immediate impact with their edgy and playful designs.The sneakers were manufactured by Reebok in limited numbers; today the Reebok-manufactured Ice Cream sneakers produced in the early days have attained vintage status. Ice Cream waffle sneakers, basketball sneakers, plain canvas sneakers, and tall shoes stand out because of their cool quotient.

Pharrell had once described these very different sneakers as appealing to the fashion and aspiration sensibilities of sneaker lovers.

Unique, Very Recognizable Products

Today, the brand has expanded way beyond sneakers. Ice Cream caps, hoodies, pullovers, tees, sweaters, and accessories all carry a unique appeal and the very recognizable ice cream cone logo.

Ice Cream runs a very successful retail outlet in Tokyo, Japan. However, most of the orders are taken online by the company and other online stores.
The Ice Cream Skate team serves as a platform for talented skaters to show their skills and aim for the big league.