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Truly American brand clothing has found its way to the hearts of its countrymen with its unique designs that blends of passion. Check Your Six Clothing founded by brothers Matt and James McManus is a piece of art that incorporates basic American imagery with inspiration rooted from old David Bowie single, and other classic figures. Like most of the well-established clothing brands these days, Matt and James started from scrap and draft and went into gradual progress that has lead them a better opportunity in the business.

Some of Check Your Six Clothing collections have been recognized not only by local artists but even audience abroad such as the UK-based FRONT magazine that had their products published. With that, the McManus brothers”™ motto stands to be, “proud to be Americans”. Yes, they put a lot of American imagery on some of the pieces, shot out in the woods, and said, “You know what”¦ we”™re proud to be Americans. And will always be.”

Now it”™s time to give our readers some pride by letting you join our promo contest on SoJones. As usual, you have to visit the site to be able to qualify and simply answer a question. With your entry you are entitled for a chance of winning a cool Check Your Six Clothing gift pack. This should be a surprise because the brand hasn”™t revealed what the pack will consist. But one thing is for sure ““ it”™s a great pack of three t-shirts from the latest collection and may be unreleased piece from the past.

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