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In every piece there is always a statement behind it, no matter how small it is. Just like clothing labels that are now busy emerging in the commerce world, big and small, each has a say. Not trying to make one stand out but it has been noticed that many professional athletes have shifted into the retail industry for a sure market potential. Take for instance Rod Benson, a professional basketball player with the Wonju Dongbu Promy of the Korean Basketball League has finally made a notch higher from its career. Being a successful athlete didn”™t hold back Benson to pursue a greener pasture, so here is the BOOMTHO, a clothing line that he crafted which suits the person in you if you are into street, skate, beach, and party.

The BOOMTHO Clothing features a collection filled with t-shirts that are designed based on what Benson loves to do such as weekend afternoon fun and drinks by the pool. From this, Benson came up with the theme, “Sunday Funday” and has produced designs that are way attractive and colorful.

Are you a fan of great afternoon fun too? If so, try to check out what SoJones offers for an easy grab. This only requires you to answer a question, and if lucky enough you will be rewarded with a BOOMTHO package worth $100.

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