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A Bathing Ape Skull Sta Puzzle Camo

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With A Bathing Ape being the company that they are and always introducing and releasing something new original to their fans it should come as no surprise when you see this new version of the A Bathing Ape Skull Sta in this new Puzzle Camo colorway. Of course it is immediately apparent that these shoes are based on the Adidas Superstar shell-toes but the puzzle camo pattern that is featured on the upper is definitely something that came straight out of the BAPE laboratory.

Instead of making use of the wild colorways that they were so best known for last decade, these shoes will come as a traditional four color palette with a fifth shade of light tan being used for the laces, toe and sole. If you are in Asia or have any friends over on that side of the world then you should definitely grab up a pair of these ones.

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