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A Bathing Ape Bapesta Shark Pack

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Most of you have been in the sneaker game for more than just the past couple years should remember when A Bathing Ape made their first introduction on the sneaker world. At that time some people jumped all over them and thought that the sneakers were the best thing since sliced bread. On the flip side there were also many sneakerheads who though that they were nothing more than an expensive knock off of the Nike Air Force 1. Since that time A Bathing Ape has really proved themselves of being capable of much more than just copycats as they are still around today. Today we are going to be taking a look at their new A Bathing Ape Bapesta Shark Pack.

All of these shoes will feature a patent leather upper and will feature the shark graphic on the back quarter section of the shoes. These are available now.

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