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A Bathing Ape Ape Sta High Summer 2010 Collection

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It was only last month that we saw the release of the new collection of Bape Stas in the Canvas Collection and now we are getting a look at the new Summer 2010 collection of A Bathing Ape Ape Sta Highs. If the previous collection wasn”™t able to grab your attention, then we bet that this one definitely will. This set of four sneakers can be most closely compared to a pair of Chuck Taylors, but of course being from A Bathing Ape brand they have a whole lot of their own style.

The four colorways that will be featured in this pack will be teal, light blue, pink and red. They will all feature a white midsole with a black stripe running most of the way through the midsole as well as a black stripe running in between the midsole and the upper. Check for these ones very soon.

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