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Air Yeezys Sneakers

After all the successes Kanye West brought to the music industry, Nike decided to launch Air Yeezys, a footwear line inspired by the rapper who has won 12 Grammies. The name itself was taken from Kanye”™s nickname, Yeezy and the design mirrors Kanye”™s unique style.

Kanye was taken through the design and production process all the way through so that the shoe will have that Kanye West touch. This resulting in a very comfortable, hot shoe with ankle collar pods for support and protection, sock liners thicker than usual and support straps with leather and no-stitch construction. All of that topped with Kanye”™s original idea of an exclusive “Y” repeat pattern that is either debossed or lasered that goes across the Air Yeezys.

Kanye was first spotted wearing the shoe in 2008 Grammy Awards performance before the shoe was even officially launched. In April 2009 Air Yeezys was launched with the Zen Gray/Light Charcoal as the first colorway variant.

Zen Gray/Charcoal Air Yeezys in April cracked open the window of opportunity for Nike. After that there will be two months in a row where Nike launched two more different models of Air Yeezys; Black/Pink in May 2009 and Net/Net in June 2009.

Since the launching, or even before the Air Yeezys were officially launched, celebrities have been spotted wearing them. Rap stars like Jay-Z, Soulja Boy and Kanye”™s girlfriend Amber Rose have been spotted wearing Air Yeezys.

Nike Air Yeezys Zen Grey/Charcoal Air Force I Air Force I
Air Yeezys
Zen Grey/Light Charcoal
Air Yeezys Net/Net Air Yeezys Black/Pink