Sole Redemption - The Saviours of Sneaker Culture

Keep with us all over:

Original Air Jordans Sneakers

Original Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan 1

Black/Red (March 1985)
White/Black-Red (March 1985)
White/Black/Red (March 1985)
Black/Royal Blue (1985)
Black/Grey (1985)
Grey/Black (1985)
White/Natural Grey (1985)
White/Blue (1985)
White/Black (1985)
White/Carolina Blue (1985)
White/Metallic Blue (1985)
White/Metallic Green (1985)
White/Metallic Dark Red (1985)
White/Metallic Purple (1985)
White/Metallic Orange (1985)
White/Metallic Blue (low) (1986)
White/Natural Grey (low) (1986)
White/Dark Red (low) (1986)

Original Air Jordan 2

Air Jordan 2

White/Red (Retro – Nov. 1986)
White/Black (Feb. 1987)
White/Black Low (1987)
White/Red Low (1987)

Original Air Jordan 3

Air Jordan 3

White/Cement Grey
Black/Cement Grey
White/Fire Red
White/Cement Grey-True Blue

Original Air Jordan 4

Air Jordan 4

Black/Cement Grey
Off White-Military Blue

Original Air Jordan 5

Air Jordan 5

White/Black-Fire Red
Black/Black-Metallic Silver
White/Grape Ice-New Emerald
White/Red-Black 23

Original Air Jordan 6

Air Jordan 6

White/Infra Red-Black
Black/Black-Infra Red
White/September Blue-Black
Off White-NW Maroon

Original Air Jordan 7

Air Jordan 7

White/Light Silver-True Red
Black/Light Graphite-Bordeaux
Black/True Red
White/Midnight Navy/True Red
White/Black-Cardinal Red

Original Air Jordan 8

Air Jordan 8

White/Black-True Red
Black/Bright Concord-Aqua Tone
Black-Black-True Red

Original Air Jordan 9

Air Jordan 9

White-Black-True Red
White-Black-Dark Powder Blue
Black-Light Olive-True Red
Black-Dark Charcoal-True Red

Original Air Jordan 10

Air Jordan 10

White/Black-Light Steel Grey
White/Black-Dark Powder Blue
Black/Dark Shadow-True Red
White/Black-True Red
White/Black-Kelly-Yellow Gold
White/Black-Royal Blue-Metallic Silver
White/Black-Royal Blue-Orange Flame
Black/Dark Concord-Metallic Silver

Original Air Jordan 11

Air Jordan 11

White-Black-Dark Concord
White-Columbia Blue-Black
Black-True Red-White
Black-Dark Grey-True Red (low)
White/Light Grey-Cobalt (I.E. low)

Original Air Jordan 12

Air Jordan 12

White-Varsity Red-Black
Obsidian-White-French Blue
Black-Varsity Red
Black/Varsity Red-White-Metallic Silver

Original Air Jordan 13

Air Jordan 13

White/True Red-Black
Black/True Red-White
Navy/Carolina Blue-Flint Grey-White
White/Black-True Red-Pearl Grey
Black/Varsity Red
Navy/Metallic Silver-Black-Carolina Blue (low)
Black/Chutney (low)

Original Air Jordan 14

Air Jordan 14

White/Black-Varsity Red
White/Black-Oxidized Green
Black/Black-Varsity Red
White/Obsidian-Columbia Blue (low)
Varsity Royal/Black-White (low)
Light Ginger/Black-White (low)

Original Air Jordan 15

Air Jordan 15

Black/Varsity Red
White/Columbia Blue-Black
Flint Grey/White
Obsidian/White-Metallic Silver
White/Deep Red (low)
White/Midnight Navy (low)
Black/White/Metallic Silver (low)
Black/Black-Varsity Red (moc)
White/Silver (moc)
Black/Khaki (moc)
Neutral Grey/Obsidian (moc)

Original Air Jordan 16

Air Jordan 16

Black/Varsity Red
White/Midnight Navy
Whisper/Cherrywood-Light Graphite
Light Ginger/Dark Charcoal-White
White/Black-Varsity Red (low)
Black/Black-Metallic Silver (low)

Original Air Jordan 17

Air Jordan 17

White/College Blue-Black
Black/Metallic Silver
White/Varsity Red-Charcoal
White/Black-Metallic Copper-Sport Royal
White/University Blue/Black-Chrome (low)
White/Lightning-Black-Chrome (low)
Black/Chrome (low)
Black/Metallic Silver (mule)
White/Red (mule)
White/Black (mule)

Original Air Jordan 18

Air Jordan 18

Black/Sport Royal
White/Black-Sport Royal
White/Varsity Red
Black/Metallic Silver-Chrome (low)
White/Chrome-University Blue-Met Silver (low)

Black/Chrome-University Blue

Original Air Jordan 19

Air Jordan 19

White/Chrome/Flint Grey-Black
Black/Varsity Red
Black/White-Metallic Silver
White/Varsity Red-Metallic Silver
White/Midnight Navy-Varsity Red
White/White-Black-Cement Grey (low)
Black/Metallic Silver-Varsity Red (low)
Neutral Grey/Black-Light Graphite (low)
Obsidian/Vapor (low)
Cinder/British Khaki (low)

White/Metallic Gold-Midnight Navy
Black/Metallic Gold
White/Flint Grey-Deep Red
White/Metallic Gold-Varsity Purple

Original Air Jordan 20

Air Jordan 20

White/Varsity Red-Black
Black/Stealth-Varsity Red
White/Black-Varsity Red
Varsity Red/White-Black
University Blue/White-Black
White/Midnight Navy-Neutral Grey (low)
Black/Chartreuse-Light Graphite (low)

Original Air Jordan 21

Air Jordan 21