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Fake / Variant Air Jordans Sneakers

Fake / Variant Air Jordans

Fake Air Jordans or “Variants” as they’re misleadingly called by the people who sell them are a much bigger issue than most people realize. Now hardcore collectors out there can tell the difference between Authentic Air Jordans and Variant Air Jordans, most of the public are ignorant to the difference.

Many companies claim to produce Air Jordans, every once in a while us well-known sneaker websites are solicited by companies (mostly in China) that claim to manufacture “wholesale” Air Jordans in bulk for as little as $15 a pair. These are fakes.

Whereas Authentic Air Jordans may have once been produced at some of these factories with a real Nike contract, nowadays most of these companies are producing fakes with stolen molds using much cheaper materials. These Jordan Variants come in ridiculous colorways that never existed (and that should never exist), but also very realistic copies of existing colorways.

The most common Air Jordan Variants are the Air Jordan III, the Air Jordan IV, and the Air Jordan XI. These Fake Jordans are mass produced in bulk in every most line of Air Jordan and Nike though.

Fake / Variant Air Jordans

The producers of these Air Jordan Variants are getting better and better at producing a more aestheticlly pleasing copy of the Air Jordan line. So as they’re getting better at it, we as a sneaker community have to be better at spotting them.

SoleRedemption will be dedicated to giving you information to tell the difference. One such way is the Legit Check section of our SR Forum. We’ll be constantly improving our Authentication Info as time goes by.

Fake / Variant Air Jordans