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Air Jordan 23 / Air Jordan XX3 Sneakers

Finally, MJ’s jersey number that has being connoted by his signature shoe has come to its finale in 2008. Yes, the number “23” which was recognized to be the most popular jersey number during MJ’s glorious years has been represented by the last Air Jordan model. Fittingly, the Air Jordan 23 bears the “Number of Greatness” to which the best-ever basketball player, Michael Jordan has risen into utmost fame when he ruled the court.

The Air Jordan 23 is a masterpiece of beauty, performance, and sustainability with its hand-stitched upper, full-length bootie, carbon-fiber shank plate, and articulated chassis. Zoom Air and IPS pillars housed in the lowest-ever midsole ride on an MJ fingerprint outsole for a shoe truly worthy of number 23.

Being mentioned about the shoe’s high-performance, it is said to be above and beyond any other Jordans. It is unique in a way that it is the only Air Jordan model that received wonderful hand-crafted treatment. A total plus for the artistic design incorporated on the upper and the technology that was never behind but always parallel to date.

Normally, a shoe that wears significant features is due for limited releases, so the Air Jordan 23 was only made available in three colorways and distribution was limited to only 23 retailers around the world. At final point, Air Jordan made a legend in the basketball sneaker category as it successfully fulfilled the set number of models in honor of the greatest basketball personality of all time, Michael Jordan.

Air Jordan 23 - Varsity Blue/White

Air Jordan 23 - White Stealth/Black/Metallic Gold

Air Jordan 23 - Stealth Black/Metallic Silver/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 23 - White/Black