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Air Jordan 18 / Air Jordan XVIII Sneakers

2003 marked the final year for NBA’s most recognized player, Michael Jordan since this was the year that he finally let go of his basketball career, but not for his namesake carrier, Air Jordan. The birth of the Air Jordan 18 had materialized and served as MJ’s last shoe for his last game on April 16, 2003.

Featuring many firsts, the Air Jordan 18 sports a radical one-pieced upper carbon-fiber Comfort Control Plate and dual-layer Zoom Air cushioning. The shoe’s sleek stance and muscle appearance is an inspiration taken from the Lamborghini Murcielago, a top-performing supercar.

Basing the Air Jordan 18’s main attributes to that of a Lambo, it sure has an extraordinary impact that could even make car enthusiasts turn their heads. It is much of a miniature of the car with no visible shoe laces but a clean mid-section with only the Jumpman logo posing in the middle. Underneath this midfoot covering is an ordinary lacing system intended for the shoe’s closure. The heel was wrapped up with rubber, similar to that of a driver’s shoe while visible stitching gives details to each every curve.

The AJ 18 has its own unique way not only in the design itself but the concept of including a towel, brush, and driver’s manual in the pack showed the true connection of the shoe to its model car.

As MJ’s  best friend in the game, the Air Jordan 18 could be one of his inspirations or the one that have motivated him to play harder as he beat Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record as the all-time leading scorer in All-Star game history.

Later after the shoe’s debut, only few colorways were released plus a hybrid with the “18.5” prefix. Yet, this is not the end of the line but the beginning of the new generation Air Jordan.

Air Jordan 18 - White/Red

Air Jordan 18 - Low White Chrome/University Blue

Air Jordan 18.5 - White/Black Chrome