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Air Jordan 1 / Air Jordan I Sneakers

Air Jordan 1

The birth of the legendary Air Jordan 1 was the same year when Michael Jordan entered the NBA Draft; 1985. During this year, MJ was selected among the 50 greatest players in NBA history where he has accumulated seven MVP awards, 23 All-NBA First Team appearances, 45 NBA All-Star Game selections, and inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. And in the same year, the NBA star-inspired shoe was designed and started to pay homage to the greatness of His Airness, Michael Jordan.

Although the Air Jordan 1 received prohibition because of its non-regulation colors, it continued to bring attention to the unstoppable Rockie of the Year raining statistical -terror from above. Nike invited Peter Moore to design the preliminary shoe of the line and marked a new era in basketball footwear.

The first blueprint involved the colors Black, Red, and White, the shades that were believed to be notorious by its critics. White appeared on the toe area to the midfoot and tongue including midsole and Black were seen in the form of Swoosh, laces, Air Jordan wing logo, inner liner, and collar while the remainder took the Red on. The original colorway was supplied with two sets of laces – Black and Red.

Not only condemnations were received by Air Jordan 1 but there have been fakes of this shoe wherein other shoe brands made models depicting similarities with AJ1. Despite its negative assessment from its opponents, it stood firm and continued to survive as it was ready for a notch ahead.

Since then, the original Air Jordan 1 obtained a few retro releases that extended to the implementation of Blue, Grey, and Metallic hues.

Black/Red (March 1985)
White/Black-Red (March 1985)
White/Black/Red (March 1985)
Black/Royal Blue (1985)
Black/Grey (1985)
Grey/Black (1985)
White/Natural Grey (1985)
White/Blue (1985)
White/Black (1985)
White/Carolina Blue (1985)
White/Metallic Blue (1985)
White/Metallic Green (1985)
White/Metallic Dark Red (1985)
White/Metallic Purple (1985)
White/Metallic Orange (1985)
White/Metallic Blue (low) (1986)
White/Natural Grey (low) (1986)
White/Dark Red (low) (1986)

Retro (1994)

Re-Retro (2001-2004)
Black/Varsity Red
Black/Varsity Royal Blue-White

Re-Retro +
White/Metallic Silver-Midnight Navy
Neutral Grey/Silver-White
White/White-Metallic Silver (low)
White/Black-Midnight Navy (low)

Re-Retro + 2001 Edition (Japan)
Neutral Grey/Metallic Silver
Black/Black-Metallic Silver
White/White-Midnight Navy
White/Metallic Silver-Midnight Navy

Re-Retro + Platinum
White/Metallic Silver
Re-Retro + Patent
White/Carolina Blue
White/Black-Varsity Red
Black/Metallic Gold

Black/White-Varsity Red (low)
White/Midnight Navy (low)
Black/White (low)

White/Metallic Red
White/Metallic Black
Black/Metallic Gold-White
Black/Metallic Gold-Black

Air Jordan 1