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Air Jordan Sneakers

Nike originally-designed Air Jordan first introduced by Nike in 1985 and endorsed by probably the best NBA player there is, Michael Jordan himself, hence the name. Nike has been releasing new model and design of Air Jordan almost every year ever since it was launched in 1985. Even though Michael Jordan has retired from NBA, that does not stop Air Jordan to multiply each year and making this shoe a legend among basketball players out there.

Although these are being released every year -reproduced, new models – collectors still hunt for Air Jordan.  They classify Air Jordan by release year and model; Originals (OG), Retroes (shoes that have been recreated to be sold to public), Retro pluses (similar to Original, with few updates and changes to accommodate consumers”™ requests), Player Exclusive (made exclusively for athletes) and Samples.

Air Jordan I was really by the people, for the people philosophy at work. A boy from New Jersey designed a shoe, sent it to Nike and lo and behold Nike loved it. Air Jordan I was banned because of its notorious black and red colors that violated the uniform code of NBA. Nonetheless, it”™s resulting in great publicity. In 1994 Nike relaunched Air Jordan I and retroed in 2009.

Air Jordan II was released after Michael Jordan”™s second year in NBA. Its produced in Italy and inspired by the 19th century boots. This was the first Nike shoe ever launched without the swoosh logo.

Designer of many Nike shoes, Tinker Hartfield is finally involved with the design of Air Jordan III. This was the first Air Jordan with visible air unit on the heel, elephant trim and the jumpman logo, which later become the official logo of Air Jordan. This was the time when Michael Jordan captured the MVP and Defensive Player of the Year titles.

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