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Brief History

Streetwear brand 10.Deep was born in 1995, a labor of love for New York native Scott Sasso. 10.Deep draws sustenance from the same fount of vitality that helped hip hop and skating become such enduring subcultures. The name 10.Deep is unique and symbolic of the brand”™s philosophy that respects the power of one; the ability of the individual. Taken literally, it derives from the ten fingers on one”™s hand. Each one is different and irreplaceable.

New York Street Culture

For more than a decade and a half now, 10.Deep has been successful in capturing the unique street ethos of New York and transmitting the vibes through its products. Although the brand can be found sharing space with designer labels in boutiques, it has not let go of its street-culture roots. 10.Deep clothing is very much about the power of the individual and the strength of mind to follow one”™s own convictions. You can be a rebel without a cause or one without a pause, if you”™re looking for clothing and accessories that gel with your attitude, then this original New York streetwear brand is perfect for you.

Products and Partnerships

10.Deep tees, hats, hoodies, jackets epitomize the leading edge in street and skate fashion.  Bold prints and liberal use of camouflage effect characterize many 10.Deep creations.The brand”™s periodic teaming with sneaker giants such as Reebok and adidas has yielded silhouettes such as the 10.DEEP x REEBOK Night Sky Mid and the 10.Deep x adidas: The Raw Dogs.

For 16 years now, 10.Deep has released classy pieces each season. Scott Sasso”™s work has been appreciated by those that follow urban culture. The brand”™s garment releases that happen every season are an event looked forward to by streetwear connoisseurs. Because Scott and his team have a feel of what”™s happening out there, and this gets reflected in their creative work.