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Featured Shoes: Vans OTW Woessner White Hemp Sneakers

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We have definitely noticed a change in the way Vans has been conducting their business over the past couple of years. While it was just two years ago that Vans was constantly releasing shoes in wild and crazy colorways, it seems that as of late they have shifted their focus into more classy, mature and simple sneakers. While we liked those crazier styled sneakers as well, we have to say that we prefer the new classy and mature Vans. Today we are going to be taking a look at an example of one of their more classy sneakers, this is the new Vans OTW Woessner White Hemp.

Just like the name implies, the upper of this sneaker will be made out of white hemp and it will sit on top of a matching vulcanized sole. Navy blue stripes will divide the sole from the upper which does a nice job of breaking up the otherwise light sneaker.

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