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Soulja Boy Kicks It With His Air Yeezys

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Young rapper / internet prodigy, Soulja Boy, looked fresh when he walked the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards 2009 event.  Soulja Boy’s wearing his Nike Air Yeezys in the Zen Gray/Charcoal colorway.


Truthfully, I’m kinda surprised he hasn’t got his hands on the newest Net/Net colorway of Nike Air Yeezys that will be out this weekend, 6th June 2009.  It’s just kinda weird that he’s not donning the Net/Net Air Yeezys because Soulja Boy is known to be in great terms with Kanye West, as Kanye backs him up from haters.  In fact, both of them are scheduled to perform at the BET Awards 2009 along with huge names like Beyonce, Ne-Yo and Maxwell at June 28 on BET at 8 p.m./7C.

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Comments to “Soulja Boy Kicks It With His Air Yeezys”

  1. datkidmike23 says:

    soulja boy actually looks fresh rocking the first colorway of the yeezys. niceee. lol im actually in line for the nets right now. =] yeee

  2. celebbabe says:

    yeah i'm loving soulja boy's look. i wanna go in line for the net/net yeezys but i have to work 🙁

  3. Edgeezy says:

    Soulja Boy is a fagg for rocking the air yeezys.

    This makes me not wanna buy them

  4. winter says:

    maybe he wanted to wear those and not the other pair…edgeezy im sure YOULL BE A FAG FOR ROCKING THEM ALSO PROBABLY CANT AFFORD THEM 🙂

  5. lovejordans says:

    HA HA
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  9. Yffi says:

    ey true dat ma mane this post is so right!

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