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Since 2004, has been a creative source of news and trends on sneakers and the sneaker culture. For more than ten years, has been serving up fresh news and other exclusive content that covers everything from new sneaker releases, sports brands”™ events, previews of upcoming basketball and skate sneakers, interviews with sneaker designers and collectors, and other important updates about the global sneaker playground.

Aside from the regular and fresh content on its homepage, SoleRedemption is also offering exclusive content through its growing social media community on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

With over ten years of being a premium sneaker news source on the Web and with more than 15,000 unique posts, has managed to inspire a global following and gained the trust and respect of the sneakerhead community worldwide. We have also managed to earn the trust of known sneaker and streetwear brands including Dr. Jays, an online clothing retailer that has been one of our main affiliate advertisers for years. has been very dedicated in providing only the latest news and trends on sneakers to satisfy our readers and followers. However, over the last three years, our need to maintain a keen focus on our other projects has become a priority, which is why we have decided to sell off.

As a premier sneaker website that has a broad scope of covering sneaker news and updates, we are looking for individuals who can continue our mission to provide our readers around the globe with information and trends on sneakers, footwear brands, and streetwear fashion.

If you are or someone you know is more than interested to manage a sneaker news website that has been serving up fresh sneaker information on a daily basis for a decade, is listed for sale. This is your chance to provide great work for a prolific sneaker blog and give it the time and artsy magazine editorial it truly deserves.

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