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Sneakers Worth More Than Your Ride

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Expensive shoes draw men out the same way electronics and shiny rims do, but only the nicest shoes draw out the celebrities. Check out the hottest, outrageously-priced shoes below. Could you spend a day in a celeb”™s shoes, or are they worth more than your ride?

7. SB Dunk Low “What the Dunk”
PRICE: $1,200

Nike What The Dunk

If you drive an old clunker that constantly fumes, then chances are these shoes are worth more than your ride. Don”™t let that fact bother you though; most people can”™t afford shoes like these Nikes.

6. High Dunk (Gold)
PRICE: $5,405

Nike High Dunk Gold

Too extravagant to be worn outside, the Nike High Dunks have been auctioned off repeatedly, but never worn. Glimmering in gold, the shoes were submerged into hot gold (which probably means the laces are rigid and uncomfortable).

If you merely glanced at this list and didn”™t read the prices, you could assume these are the most expensive shoes. However, gauche doesn”™t always equal value, as is the case on this list.

5. Gold Running Shoes
PRICE: $24,000

 Nike Gold Running

Made in China for a special event, these shoes contain 620 grams of real gold. Sitting in a glass case in Shanghai since 2007, these shoes still have no owner.

4. Air Zoom Kobe 1
PRICE: $30,000

 Nike Zoom Kobe

Sexy purple soles remind a lady of Louboutinglamor, but without all the fuss: it”™s easy to see why so many female collectors have bought these Kobe 1″™s. At $30,000, these shoes might be worth more than you make in a year.

3. Chocolate Diamond Air Force 1
PRICE: $50,000

 Nike Chocolate Diamond

Custom chocolate diamond encrusted Nikes might be too rich for your blood. Even if you drive a fine car with nice rims, these shoes are probably worth more than your rig. Don”™t let that dishearten you though; few people could afford these shoes, and even fewer of them would ever wear them out of the house.

Curious who can afford these $50K shoes? Here”™s a link to the lucky star and the millionaire cobbler. Check out Outkast”™s feet the next time you”™re at a concert, and you might just see the twinkle of 11 karat diamonds.

2. Air Jordan Silver Shoes
PRICE: $60,000

Air Jordan Silver

The value of these shoes is derived from nostalgia, obviously, rather than from diamonds or gold. Many collectors just want to stare at these shoes in a glass case, rather than wear them.

1. Diamond-Studded Boots
BRAND: Umbro
PRICE: $218,000

Nike Diamond Studded

Worn by famous football players in England (John Terry, Wayne Rooney, and Rio Ferdinand), these shoes contain 7,444 precious stones. These shoes were auctioned recently for the Dream Foundation, earning more than $600K for the charity.


Rita Hayworth”™s Heels
BRAND: Stuart Weitzman
PRICE: $3 Million

Stuart Weitzman

While these shoes aren”™t sneakers, they are the world”™s most valuable kicks. Owned and worn first by the talented Ms. Rita Hayworth, they are now in her daughter”™s care, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan.


Whether you can afford these fancy shoes or not, it”™s always fun to look. The next time you step into your car, imagine which pair of these amazing kicks you could be wearing instead. Surely, the ride would be just as smooth.




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