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G Shock

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G-Shock watches epitomize rugged toughness, beauty, and functionality and have been doing so since they first came out in 1984. The first G-Shock to have ever been made was the Casio DW-5000C. The brand is owned by Casio. Each G-Shock fulfills three criteria and these make the product unique in the eyes of aficionados and the lay user. A G-shock watch comes with a 10-year battery life; features 10-bar water resistance and has a 10-meter dropping shock resistance.

Classic Timepieces

G-Shock timepieces are available all over the world. The company”™s spring / summer and fall / winter updates to its classic models are eagerly awaited. At the same time, new models are added ever so often throughout the year.
The “Master of G” series that was introduced in the nineties deserves special mention among the many sought-after G-Shock models. Today, each model from the series is a valued collector”™s item.

Tough Watches for the Adventurous

G-Shock”™s line of tough watches appeals to the outdoors types and those into adventure sports. The watches are ideal for those in professions that demand unfailingly tough reliability. Consequently, soldiers, paramedics, firemen, etc have come to trust and rely on G-Shock. In fact, the G-Shock models Casio G-Shock DW-5600C and 5600E have been approved as good enough for space travel by NASA.


The Baby-G watches are an extension of the brand and cater to the fairer sex.
G-Shock has successfully released collaborative models over the years. It has had product partnerships with popular lifestyle brands such as Stussy, Coca Cola, Levi”™s and others.

G-Shock continues to clear technology barriers, be it with its atomic clock synchronization or the Bluetooth-enabled GB-6900 that was released last year. The solar-powered models ensure that the watch battery never runs out of power. Triple G resist technology that is featured in some of the latest models makes the watches resistant to dropping shocks, centrifugal force, and vibrations.

G-Shock watches stand for innovative design and a 30-year old heritage signifying the perfect blend of reliability, toughness, and beauty.