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Featured Shoes: Saucony Originals Jazz Low Pro Vegan Sneakers

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From just about every shoe manufacturer out there that is worth mentioning, they all have their classic models that are beloved by fans from all over. For the larger brands it is obviously apparent exactly which shoes those are, but for the less known brands only the fans of the brand might know which one it may be. Fans of the Saucony brand know that the Jazz Low Pro is at the top of the list for the brand and is probably going to be there to stay for as long as the brand is in existence.

This new version of the shoe is called the Saucony Originals Jazz Low Pro Vegan. The name Vegan comes from the fact that there is no leather used in this shoe, instead going for a more Vegan friendly canvas and hemp composition. One of the best parts is the shoe”™s low price, just $55.

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