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Featured Shoes: Plunder Media News: 01-17-09 Sneakers

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Today is a good day, beginning of a 3-day weekend for a lot of people; got some Hot Gear and Hot Women for you again:

Gizmo Groove: The Sun Visor TV/DVD Player makes road trips worth doing again.

Plunder Tech: The Clarifi iPhone Case is great for you snapshotting iPhone fanboys.

Plunder Guide: Hotties Natasha Yi and Nicolette Lacson satiate your craving for gorgeous Asian (and mixed) chicks. And, the Bicycle Shadow Masters Playing Cards get you prepped for demonic strip poker.

Hipster Chic: Miss-a-Kit: The Swiss Miss Army Knife!

Sole Redemption: Nike Dunk SB Mid Digital Camo Goldfish, what a crazy combo.

Friends: Wristwatch Haven: The Grönefeld GTM-06 Wristwatch is an expensive jellyfish watch.

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