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When everything started from nothing, call it magic. That”™s what happened when two best friends tried their luck in Las Vegas by starting and epic casino with only $191 in their pockets. This small amount turned to be very lucky that the two were able to start a business that”™s out of their knowledge. The retail clothing business tempted them for investment and fortunately they made their second fate when One90One was founded and funded to be the next street wear to touch the lives of urban society.

Unlike most clothing lines, One90One focuses more on men”™s line and for this season”™s highlight appears to be an inspiration from a hate tv show where the brand was able to produce wearable shirts that can be worn for daily casual. Getting rid of the very complicated designs, One90One brings the most presentable guy outfit that befits any informal occasion.

Today, One90One works with SoJones for an awesome giveaway promo allowing four (4) t-shirts fresh from the brand”™s Spring collection to be granted to two winners. Visit SoJones now and see how the contest works.

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