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Featured Shoes: Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 Gray/Blue Sneakers

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The Paul Rodriguez signature model, which of course is called the Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 has been really catching on lately and gaining itself a lot of success. The 2.5 version is essentially just the P-Rod 2 with the addition of a vulcanized sole. The shoe is both great and durable for skating, and super comfortable to be worn casually as well. We think that we are starting to prefer it with this new vulcanized sole as well.

The upper on these shoes will be predominantly gray which is accented excellently by a nice blue. The blue is featured on the swoosh as well as on the inner lining of the shoe. Minimal red accents are found the tongue tag and directly underneath the laces. The shoe will feature an entirely white midsole which rounds out the other colors very nicely. You can start checking for these in stores this month.

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