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Featured Shoes: Nike SB Dunk High Venom Sneakers

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Over the years we have seen so many great Nike SB Dunk releases that it can sometimes be hard to remember them all and sometimes we forget about them after a little while. That is why we are glad that once in a while Nike decides to re-release some of their SB Dunks to give us a little bit of a refresher course as to exactly what we should not be forgetting about. That is exactly what they have done with the shoe that we will be looking at today, the new Nike SB Dunk High Venom.

This sneaker was first released in November of 2008 and was styled after Spiderman”™s enemy by the same name of Venom. The shoe is predominantly black on the upper and is made up of a combination of leather and suede. White will be applied to the swoosh, inner lining and the midsole as well.

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