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Featured Shoes: Nike SB Dunk High Pro Clay/Black Sneakers

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One of the things that we like so much about the sneaker world is the fact that they are always adapting to everything around them. This goes from everything to the different trends that exist in the fashion world to the type of year it is. Definitely in the summer months we see a lot more shoes in light colorways that are much better for strolling on the beach and when the weather gets colder in winter months we see a lot of shoes in much darker colorways. This is definitely a great tactic for the sneaker companies to stay in line with what you are looking for in the different times of year. Today we”™re going to be taking a look at the latest example of this, this is the new Nike SB Dunk High Pro in Clay and Black.

This dark sneaker features an upper that is made of both Clay and black and while the colors are both dark they still seem to standout for some reason.

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