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Featured Shoes: Nike Kill Bill Pack Sneakers

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Kill Bill is a favorite for many when it comes to Quentin Tarantino flicks and for good reason, they highlight what the man does best in every aspect. Although it may be a bit after the fact, as they say it is better late than never and that definitely applies here to this new Nike Kill Bill Pack. The pack will utilize the Nike Big Nike High and the Nike Auto Flight High. Of course since this is a two-part series one shoe will be modeled after each movie. The Big Nike High will take inspiration from Kill Bill Vol. 1 and will have a black and yellow base with a metallic silver Nike swoosh and a red blood splatter throughout the mid section. Vol. 2 will use the Auto Flight High and feature an entirely red upper that is slightly accented by yellow and black. Stay tuned for more info on a release date.

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  1. In Kill Bill The Bride’s title is bleeped whenever mentioned in Vol. 1. However, her title appears written twice in the movie. The 1st time is right correct she takes off in Buck’s truck. In the next scene, she buys a plane ticket from El Paso, Texas to Okinawa where she visits Hatori Hanzo. She says, “Okinawa, one way” to the ticket attendant, who slides her the ticket. If you pause the movie at this point, you are able to read the title on the ticket as Beatrix Kiddo, which is revealed to be the Bride’s real title in Vol. 2. The second time her title appears in when she buys one more plane ticket from Okinawa to Tokyo. Her name is once again visible, but not as clearly.

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