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Featured Shoes: Nike Big Nike Valentine”™s Day Sneakers

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Just when you thought that Nike had completely exhausted themselves of ideas for Valentine”™s Day sneakers, they hit you with one more to teach you not to ever doubt them again. We have already seen an Air Force 1, an Aerofit, a Dunk and a Dynasty, so what do we have left? A Big Nike of course. This shoe will probably appeal to the ladies more than it will to the men as it features a predominantly pink leather upper, but it still features many red accents to balance things out just a bit. Red accents will come in the form of midsole, shoelaces, tongue border and inner lining. The most interesting thing featured here is the love message written on the nylon tongue. Maybe this love message will work just as well as a card if you give these as a gift to your favorite female sneakerhead this year.

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