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Nike Announces Release Date for the LeBron XI

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The year just keeps getting better for LeBron James and his fans. A few months after winning a second championship with the Miami Heat and dispelling any doubts that he is truly the greatest living basketball player in the world, Nike is rewarding him and his millions of loyal fans with the release of his new signature sneaker.

LeBron took to Instagram to give his 3.5 million followers a special tease of his new kicks. Nike later released a few more details on the stunning new release that celebrates James”™ 11th year of service in the NBA. According to the sportswear giant, Nike, the LeBron XI “is James”™ lightest signature shoe to-date, while offering the protective feel, responsiveness and containment his game requires.” A size 9 version of the shoe is said to weigh a mere 14.5 ounces.

The shoe will initially be offered in two colorways. The LeBron XI “King”™s Pride” will be released on October 12th, while the “Terracotta Warrior” is scheduled for a November 27th drop. The shoes will be in the $200 price range.

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All Images via Nike Basketball”™s Facebook Page


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