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Nike Air Yeezys Net/Net: The Lineup Has Begun

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It’s only Wednesday and the anticipation is building high on the last colorway to be released from the Nike Air Yeezys: the Net/Net colorway.  Although they’re not gonna be dropped until June 6, Nike Air Yeezys fans all over the country is preparing to get their hands on the kicks and here are some pictures of those in the know, lining up in front of Walter’s.

We’ve also seen the line of the Net/Net show up on eBay. Here’s the latest for those who don’t want to wait!





Seems to me like they’re having fun.  And as I suspected before, this colorway looks like it’s made a hit with the girls.  You know, I’ve seen some comments across the websites saying how silly people are just hanging out waiting in line for just a pair of shoes.  Well let me tell y’all this:

The Nike Air Yeezys are not “just” shoes.  It’s a part of pop culture and these people are being a part of history.

So are you reading this from your Blackberry while waiting in line for your Yeezys?  Do share some dish on what’s going down over there.  I might join you in a bit!

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Comments to “Nike Air Yeezys Net/Net: The Lineup Has Begun”

  1. mikey says:

    were is the london lot?

  2. stfukg says:

    Just and FYI.. those are women's shoes

  3. Ken says:

    Air Yeezy Pitch Black is another sharp Air Yeezy shoe I found, I have bought a pair of it in ( ), nice…
    Air Yeezy

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