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Featured Shoes: Nike Air Raid – Jungle: Hot Shoe on eBay Sneakers

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Nike has created the outdoor version of the Air Jordan 8 calling it the Nike Air Raid that features an innovative design with two crossing straps on the midfoot to secure the laces in place. The Nike Air Raid is provided with superb support matched with great traction from a thick rubber outsole. As the first Nike shoe to market for streetball, the Air Raid has been in the scene since 1992 and has gone into numerous retro releases in several occasions.

Now another groundbreaking colorway has been surfacing eBay, and it is a mixture of white and a multi-colored design dominated by varsity red. This particular Nike Air Raid color-up gives a neat and outstanding upper using leather and a little mesh insert. The crisscross strap fastens the lace area while providing added support to the ankle. An extraordinary midsole is utilized wearing a design that sports geometrical shapes in multi-colored scheme mostly showing in varsity red and complimented by blue, green, and yellow. As stated earlier, the think rubber outsole is best designed to achieve excellent traction and grip.

What a piece of art! This now sells $100 on eBay.

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