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Featured Shoes: Nike Air Pegasus 92 Decon Sneakers

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While a lot of sneaker heads are very in touch with what is going on with their shoes, not all of them really know everything that goes with the process of making them. That is why when Nike releases a pair of shoes that really goes beneath the surface of what goes on behind the scenes, they usually go over very well with the hard-core sneaker heads. It even does a good job at bringing in some fans that were not very serious before so that they can see just exactly how things work. Today we are going to be looking at an example of that, this is the new Nike Air Pegasus 92 Decon.

There will be two different colorways coming as a part of this pack, each of them featuring materials that are better suited for the inside of the shoe rather than the outside. That is all in the draw of these shoes.

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